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It's our one year anniversary!

Today marks one year since the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign. That’s one year from when we introduced Story Supply Co. to the world and asked all of you to help us tell our story. One year since I learned that our bodies are quite resilient, that sleep is mostly optional, that the correct answer to “how many hours can one stare at Google analytics in one day?” is All of them. I hit the go button and started setting up social media blasts and other messaging about the launch. And then I waited. Kickstarter warns that it can take up to three days for a campaign to go live. Part of me imagined we’d go live immediately. We didn’t,...

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How to use multiple inserts with your Simple Plot Notebook

A recent mention in Fast Company, alongside our Mother's Day Set deal and mentions from The Well-Appointed Desk has had us swimming in Simple Plot Notebooks lately. So first, a big thank you to all of our new customers.  With all of those newly-purchased Simple Plots in the world, we've had many people asking, "So how exactly do I use multiple inserts with my notebook?"

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