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Storyteller Profile: Ana Reinert

Ana Reinert is an artist, designer, podcaster, and most famously, "Chair" of the Well-Appointed Desk, speaks with us about what brings color to her everyday creative side. There’s precision in every detail, as she walks through her daily tasks as a designer, shares the inspiration for some recent art projects and lists the gear that she finds particularly useful—or should we say, remarkable.

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Storyteller Profile: Alyssa Francisco

Alyssa Francisco is a writer and artist with Cerebral Palsy. She sketches with graphite and colored pencils and creates watercolor pieces. We caught up with Alyssa to talk with her about how she uses analog tools to tell her story. SSC: So, what’s your story? FRANCISCO: I am an aspiring artist and blogger, and I also happen to be disabled. One day I hope to open an online shop selling artwork and maybe even write a book just to see where it takes me. Maybe my next adventure will be to go back to school and get a photography degree. For now, I spend my time running a blog where I write about my life and my experiences living with...

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