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How to use multiple inserts with your Simple Plot Notebook

A recent mention in Fast Company, alongside our Mother's Day Set deal and mentions from The Well-Appointed Desk has had us swimming in Simple Plot Notebooks lately. So first, a big thank you to all of our new customers.  With all of those newly-purchased Simple Plots in the world, we've had many people asking, "So how exactly do I use multiple inserts with my notebook?"

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Why Notebooks?: The Origin Story

Many of us have an origin story when it comes to stationery. For me, it started in high school. In the early nineties, my friends and I had fallen hard for the grunge scene. We were in ninth grade, and after having spent a few years unsuccessfully trying to connect with urban hip-hop culture, grunge made much more sense to us suburban white kids growing up in a mill town. I should probably mention here that it was, in fact, a paper mill.

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