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Storyteller Profile: Chantel Vereen

Chantel Vereen is a Senior Professional Writing Major at York College of Pennsylvania. She is involved with almost every campus group or activity imaginable, and can be found writing on paper all the time—from lists, to short blurbs and quotes, and long, drawn-out stories. We wanted to talk to her about her story, and how using analog tools helps her writing processes.

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Why Notebooks?: The Origin Story

Many of us have an origin story when it comes to stationery. For me, it started in high school. In the early nineties, my friends and I had fallen hard for the grunge scene. We were in ninth grade, and after having spent a few years unsuccessfully trying to connect with urban hip-hop culture, grunge made much more sense to us suburban white kids growing up in a mill town. I should probably mention here that it was, in fact, a paper mill.

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