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Storyteller Profile: Ana Reinert

Ana Reinert is an artist, designer, podcaster, and most famously, "Chair" of the Well-Appointed Desk, speaks with us about what brings color to her everyday creative side. There’s precision in every detail, as she walks through her daily tasks as a designer, shares the inspiration for some recent art projects and lists the gear that she finds particularly useful—or should we say, remarkable.

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Storyteller Profile: Jamar Nicholas

Jamar Nicholas, a cartoonist and graphic novelist from Philadelphia, PA, kicks off his third decade of making comics with us by talking about his analog storytelling arsenal. Back in 1997, Jamar began self-publishing comics to an email list of approximately 100 people – today, his comic strip Detective Boogaloo (printed in Metro) has roughly 4 million readers a month. With all of his time spent drawing comics, editing drafts, illustrating and adapting stories, Jamar never gets tired of good old paper and pen. 

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