Who We Are

Welcome to the Story Supply Co.


Analog tools for storytellers

Story Supply Co. is a craft stationery and design firm devoted to creating and selling analog tools that help people tell their story. Think notebooks, paper pads, postcards, posters, pens, pencils. Design and craft is at the heart of our products. We want products that look and feel good. We want products that inspire artists and makers to capture their ideas, design beautiful things, and share their stories.

Our products aim to support sustainable manufacturing right here in the U.S.A. For example, many of our paper-based products will use companies like French Paper Co., a family-owned and operated mill that makes quality papers using 100% fully renewable hydro power they create on site.

Who is Story Supply Co.?

Story Supply Co. was born out of a love for analog creativity tools, a love for stories and their ability to connect us and make us better humans, and the desire to make stuff. We are writers, teachers, musicians, painters and designers. We are part of the team that launched and publishes a little, award-winning, literary journal called STORYStory Supply Co. can be found on Twitter, Facebook,  Tumblr, or Instagram           

 Founders: Vito Grippi and Gabriel Dunmire