Our Backers are the Best!

You helped us fully fund our Kickstarter campaign in under 4 days!

We don't know where to begin. Only one week into the campaign and we're fully funded (and climbing) and we've connected with hundreds of folks who are looking forward to receiving notebooks and pencils. As of right now, we'll be shipping more than 500 Supply Kits to young storytellers enrolled in our partner organizations. It's been a fun, fulfilling journey so far, but we've only just begun. 

We have three weeks left in the campaign to really shake things up. To that end, we've added stretch goals to inspire more pledges, and we've added more reward tiers for people who love the looks of our Raw, Round-Barrel Pencil. Our goal is bigger than simply funding the campaign and fulfilling rewards, though. We want to make even more products, we want to strengthen communities, we want to show that companies can make and sell quality, desirable products and be socially conscious at the same time.

You've already done so much, and for that we are eternally grateful. All we ask now is that you continue to tell people about our project. Tell them about the Kickstarter campaign, or send them to our website

Thank you for being such a large part of our story and helping us build something awesome.
Vito and Gabe

 What reviewers are saying

"... in my opinion, it’s among the best writing paper out there in the pocket notebook niche that I’ve tested!" 


"... it performed really well, the paper's really nice."

"...It's really good. And the logo is killer." 

-The Pen Addict  

"Good books. Good cause. Why are you still here?"

-Pencil Revolution


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