The Kickstarter Campaign for the Pocket Staple notebook is almost here

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We’re really excited to get our notebooks out there, and to start shipping Supply Kits to our partner organizations.

But we’re going to need your help.

Here’s the thing; we’re not asking you to donate money to our cause. Our cause is to sell a product that you’ll want to buy and use, and with each purchase you make, we’ll send a Supply Kit to a kid with a story to tell. That's why we're using Kickstarter. We do want you to give us money, but only in return for some really great notebooks and extras you're dying to get your hands on. 

Here’s what we are asking:

  • Stay tuned for when the Kickstarter campaign goes live. Don’t worry we’ll let you know via email (are you on our mailing list/) and through Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.
  • Check out the [Pocket Staple] notebook and watch the video.
  • Share the page with people

Here’s a list of people who you may want to share the campaign with.

 Share with someone who: 

  • Loves stationery
  • Writes poetry
  • Writes words down ever
  • Draws
  • Paints
  • Makes grocery lists
  • Makes to-do lists
  • Likes stories
  • Likes kids
  • Likes giving people unique gifts  
  • Has at some point come into contact with you
  • May, or may not, have made eye contact with you

You get the idea.

Of course, if you like what you see, we do encourage you to make a pledge.

By pledging, regardless of how small the amount, you’ll be helping us put notebooks in your hands, in book and stationery stores, and in the hands of kids enrolled in programs with our partner organizations.

Did I mention we’ll be sending Supply Kits to kids for each notebook we award during our Kickstarter? So, if you pledge $10, you receive a 3-pack of pocket notebooks and we’ll send a supply kit to a kid with a story to tell. Pledge $50 and you get 5 packs and we send out 5 Supply Kits. Things start to get pretty crazy from there.

Some of you can pledge for what we’re going to call an insane amount of notebooks and the ability to help us design a FOUNDERS EDITION notebook.

Many of our reward tiers will also include stickers and some of our Raw, Round-Barrel pencils.

For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter,

Kickstarter is a platform that lets awesome people like you support projects you like. You can show your support by pledging amounts as small or as large as you like. In return, you get rewarded with the product you're helping to support.

The project will only be funded if we reach the minimum we’re trying to hit. For the [Pocket Staple] campaign we’re shooting for $5000. That will help us make all three variations (Grid, Ruled, and Blank) available, and it will allow us to fulfill the giving part of our mission.

Of course, there is no maximum amount we can earn, and more pledges means more notebooks for you and the kids in our partner organizations.

You’ll hear more about it soon, promise.

The first batch of [Pocket Staple] notebooks is already in our hands.

That’s right, as I write this, our little notebook has already been bound, trimmed, stacked, and wrapped. Gabe and I were able to watch as the first set of covers came off the printer. We took cameras, of course, and we did our best to not bother Carol, our very patient and friendly press operator at Caskey Group.

Once we received the finished books we invaded CoWork 155, a great coworking space right here in York. Thanks JJ, Debbie, Matthew and Anne for letting us distract you from your work. Check out the pictures below. We are using this batch for photography, sending out review copies and samples, and as a reward for those of you who earned enough referrals.

And as always, thanks for all the support you’ve already given. You helped us spread the word even before seeing a single product. That means more to us than we can ever express. The next stage of this journey is going to be bonkers. 


Vito @ SSC


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