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Hello friends:


Just wanted to update all of you on the status of Story Supply Co.

Things are happening, and they’re happening fast. Last week we finalized all the manufacturing details and put a small order in for our launch product, the “Pocket Staple” notebook. We’ll be sharing this little guy with reviewers and others we hope will help us spread the word like many of you already have been doing. The Pocket Staple will also be the reward if you referred at least 10 people to the email signup.

Which reminds me.

The referral campaign is only going to run for about another week. So, if you were waiting to make one final push, now’s a great time to do that. Or if you haven’t referred anyone yet, now a great time to do that too.

Back to the Pocket Staple.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the books and share them with you. From the staples used for stitching, down to every last millimeter on the binding wraps, not one part of this book wasn’t obsessed over. In the end, and after what must be thousands of emails, text messages and phone calls, and many sleepless nights, I think we really nailed it. As you’ll soon see, it’s a handsome little notebook that’s “Strong enough to hold big ideas, yet small enough to fit in your pocket.”

While I’m at it.

I should mention our amazing team at Caskey Group, who have been so patient with every detail, hunted down and found a way to fulfill our very specific requests and are so enthusiastic about what we’re trying to do with Story Supply Co. We really wanted to find a partner who could make the books right here in York and are happy the Caskey Group came through. Check out the photos from my recent visit to the manufacturing facility, where I got to meet every press operator, paper cutter, and bindery expert that will have a hand in making the notebooks.

A final note:

With notebooks in the works and pencils in progress, we’re getting closer to the next big step. We are gearing up for the Kickstarter campaign, which means working out rewards, tidying up content, making a video and many, many more sleepless nights. We’ll keep you posted, but for now, another great big thank you to all of you that are helping us build something awesome.


Vito @ Story Supply Co.

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