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I’d like to tell you about a new adventure I am embarking on.

Sometimes, we get an idea that feels like it could become something big. These ideas come at seemingly random times, like while you’re driving or waiting in line to pay for groceries. You may worry that idea in your hand like a stone for a day or two, and then, it simply fades away. Writers and artists have these moments all the time. I suspect people in other fields do as well. But sometimes, you get an idea that seems to capture who you really are. It’s an idea that keeps you up at night. It’s an idea that gets you scribbling in a notebook, or making notes on a napkin or the back of your hand. It’s an idea you know you have to pursue, even if it scares you.

A few years ago an idea such as this one came to me. In my case, the idea brought together a few of my creative and civic impulses—my love for stories, my near obsession for productivity tools (namely stationery), and my desire to make the world, even if just a little, a better place. So, I did what I imagine many people probably do, and I ignored the impulse to act. I made excuses. “It’s not the right time.” “I don’t know where to begin.” “I don’t have the time or resources.” And instead of the idea fading away on its own, I threw a blanket over it, kicked it under the bed and pretended it wasn’t constantly floating around above my head until finally, well, that’s why I’m writing this letter.

I’d like to introduce you to Story Supply Co.

Story Supply Company is a brand devoted to creating and selling analog tools that help people tell their story. Think notebooks, paper pads, postcards, posters, pens, pencils. Design and craft is at the heart of our products. We want products that look and feel good. We want products that inspire artists and makers to capture their ideas, design beautiful things, and share their stories. The products will also focus on sustainable manufacturing right here in the U.S. For example, many of our paper-based products will use companies like French Paper Company, a family-owned and operated mill that makes quality papers using 100% fully renewable hydro power they create on site. Pretty cool, right?

For every product you purchase, we send a Story Supply Kit to a kid with a story to tell.

In addition to well-made, useful and inspiring products, Story Supply Co. is driven to helping build stronger communities, and we think stories can help do just that. Stories matter. They help us connect and empathize with others. They make us a little bit more human. But most of all, stories, and the ability to tell and share those stories, give us a voice. And that’s some pretty powerful stuff. Currently, many amazing organizations are empowering youth in under-served communities by teaching them writing skills and helping them find their voice. The ability to write, and the confidence to tell their stories, is making a lasting impact in these kids’ lives. Story Supply Co. is partnering with organizations like 826 Valencia, 826 Boston, 826 D.C., and 826 LA, with many others in the works. For every Story Supply Co. product sold, we’ll donate a Story Supply Kit to a kid in one of our partner organizations. Story Supply Kits will include items like notebooks, pencils, pens, looseleaf paper or other items that will directly support the creative learning endeavors of those students.

Help us build something awesome.

If you’ve read this far, I’m hoping that means you think this sounds like a pretty great idea. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you for money. I would love if you helped spread the word, though. Have any friends that like stationery? Know anyone who likes craft goods and art? Here’s how you can help:

  • Please follow this link to the Story Supply Co. site.
  • Sign up using your email. Signing up guarantees you’ll be the first to know about any new products, partnerships, or other adventures. You’ll also be the first to know about our Kickstarter presale and product launch, which should be happening within the next few weeks. When you sign up, you’ll receive a referral link to share with your friends and family.
  • Refer people who may be interested in what Story Supply Co. is doing.
  • Receive free products by getting your friends to sign up.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

We’ve got lots of exciting plans for Story Supply Co., and they all start right here. We appreciate your help and can’t wait to share the things we make with all of you.

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Vito @ Story Supply Co.




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