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Paper is Better

Wow! Let us start by saying you are amazing. We’re only a week into the prelaunch campaign and you've already done more than we could ask for.  You've liked us on Facebook, mentioned and retweeted us on Twitter, and you’ve tumbled with us on Tumblr. The signups from your referrals just keep coming too. Thank you so much. In this first week we’ve connected with many people who have an interest in the future of Story Supply Co. We’ve also received support from some great folks who are making high quality, craft goods right here in the U.S.A. For example, check out these cool Twist Bullet Pencils Jon Fontane makes at Metal Shop. This week we also added 826 Chicago to our list of Supply Kit donation partners. The start of this journey...

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We're launching something awesome

I’d like to tell you about a new adventure I am embarking on. Sometimes, we get an idea that feels like it could become something big. These ideas come at seemingly random times, like while you’re driving or waiting in line to pay for groceries. You may worry that idea in your hand like a stone for a day or two, and then, it simply fades away. Writers and artists have these moments all the time. I suspect people in other fields do as well. But sometimes, you get an idea that seems to capture who you really are. It’s an idea that keeps you up at night. It’s an idea that gets you scribbling in a notebook, or making...

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