Thank you for your interest in the Story Supply Kit Program and for your dedication to encouraging creativity in our youth. Our goal here at Story Supply Co. is to partner with people that empower kids, often in underserved communities, to find their voice and tell their story.

Below you will find some information about Story Supply Co., the program, and how you can become a Supply Kit Partner.

Our Story

Story Supply Co. is a community-driven creativity studio dedicated to offering inspiring tools and services for storytellers.

In September of 2015, we launched our company on Kickstarter with one simple idea—for every notebook product we sell, we donate a Story Supply Kit to a kid with a story to tell. We more than doubled our funding goal on Kickstarter. Since then we’ve added new products and services, but the mission has stayed the same—make cool stuff and have a positive impact on our community.


What makes a great Supply Kit Partner?

As a Supply Kit Partner, you will receive notebooks and/or pencils for the students enrolled in your creative writing or arts program. It’s that simple.

Here’s how it works: Every time we sell a designated notebook product, we put a Supply Kit aside. Then we coordinate with our partners to provide Supply Kits as needed.

To qualify for the program, you must

  • Offer your program to kids for free.
  • Use the supplies in an organized effort to implement writing and/or artistic exploration. In other words, we want the notebooks to be used with a specific, demonstrable goal or outcome in mind.
  • Be willing to share progress reports, testimonials, and photographs of the notebooks in use (when possible).
    • Data and images will be used in public blog posts and marketing venues to help promote Story Supply Co. and the Supply Kit Program. This awareness, and the accompanying sales, are what allow us to continue giving. That said, we acknowledge that under some circumstances programs or schools are not able to share some information or photography due to privacy concerns, etc.


Some ways teachers and organizations have used use the supply kits include:

    • As a space for structured daily writing prompts to encourage exploration.
    • As tools for journalism exercises.
    • As a space to storyboard video and photography projects.
    • Daily sketch exercises.
    • Assignments that encourage daily journaling or writing habits.
    • We’re always open to new ideas. Pitch us yours!